Red Hydrogen One Hands on [UPDATE #2]

As we previously wrote here, Red’s newest tech approach is going to be a smartphone. You can read more about the initial rumors about the Red Hydrogen One in the below article,

Introducing Red Hydrogen One!

Red Hydrogen Update #2

Since there has been multiple rumors about the Red little smartphone venture, one of the highest RED enthusiasts in the internet Marques Brownlee of MKBHD was invited to have an exclusive closer look at the prototype device by Red team this week.

You can kind of see his reactions about the holographic display. But its a shame that we will never be able to get experience that without physically having one in hand.

Even though its a closer look at some hardware it is not the actual finished product.  according to Marques they showed him three different prototypes.

Here are some closer looks…

Red Hydrogen One next to iPhone Red and OnePlus 5
Red Hydrogen One next to iPhone Red and OnePlus 5

Red Hydrogen One

Here is a closer look at the RED’s 44 pin accessory connector port for modulerity

Red Hydrogen One

Red Hydrogen One-US-Patent-Design-Modularity camera attachment blueprint

Please visit this link to read more about what this device has to offer in specs, features, price and much more in our previous article…

Please visit this link to read their original release page.

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